Android BSP / Framework Development

Android BSP / Framework Development

Over the last decade Google’s Android Open Source Project has changed the landscape within mobile, consumer, TV, automotive & wearable tech. Due to the open source nature of AOSP many organisations who work outside the above domains have started adopting AOSP for their own products.

AOSP provides many advantages, most important is out of box support for almost all peripherals required by many modern day devices. As well you can take advantage of millions of Android applications available for your platform or develop a custom application for your platform.

At NotioNext our engineers have been part of AOSP development since very early Android phones during the first decade of this century. We have ported Android to many customised boards & have seen enormous changes in the architecture of the project. AOSP has been continuously evolving & growing with recent developments of AAOS  it plans to conquer the emerging electric vehicles domain.

We have been helping customers with developing Android BSP for new boards, modifying Android framework, writing HAL layer software for custom peripherals, optimising boot time, modifying Android’s boot initialization & writing system applications.

If you are looking to adapt AOSP for your product and are in a dilemma or need help to put in the right architecture for your product then you are at the right place.