Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification for Android

Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification for Android

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a collection of applications, application programming interfaces (APIs) & Google services developed by Google for manufacturers of Android devices. Few examples of these applications include Google Play Store, Chrome browser, Gmail, location services for Google Maps & device management application. Devices conforming to GMS can also receive software & security updates directly from Google’s Play Store ensuring bug fixes & security patching.

A very common question asked to us is whether we should include GMS applications & services for the product. The answer to it is dependent on the current expectations of the users of the product as well your vision over the life cycle of the product. We always work with our customers to navigate through the pros & cons of both approaches & help them find the correct solution.

One of the common reasons that we come across for avoiding the GMS is the cost associated with undertaking the GMS certification. Although true, it can compensate for the efforts required to include or develop & continuously update alternative software solutions. Many customers opt to go for alternative methods & add free / open source alternatives to GMS as they do not see the value from the GMS. Whichever way you choose to opt we are always here to help you make the right decision & come along the journey with you to deliver the right features for your customers.

If you decide to go for GMS, then you will need to undergo the GMS certification process & collect the results of the following test suites to be submitted to 3PL.

  • Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)
  • Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS-V)
  • Vendor Test Suite (VTS)
  • GMS Test Suite (GTS)
  • Security Test Suite (STS)

Above test suite verifies the platform conformance & security of the platform. At NotioNext we have extensive experience in getting all positive outcomes for the GMS certification.

We have helped our customers take both approaches (GMS vs non-GMS) to successfully launch their products to the market. If you are in the same dilemma & looking for expert advice then please reach out to us with your requirements.