Embedded Linux / Yocto OS Development

Embedded Linux OS Development

Embedded Linux is nothing but purpose-built Linux Operating System for your embedded device. This purpose built OS is optimised & configured for your device. At NotioNext we have expertise in numerous Linux build systems to build an Operating System with software stack that you need for your product.

We can also write a custom driver as per your specific product needs or add real time capabilities by applying Real Time patches for the kernel. We have in the past built products using yocto, buildroot, OpenWRT as well custom distributions / SDKs provided by the chipset vendors.

With ever changing horizons we have been constantly reached out by clients who want to shift from traditional RTOS based products to Embedded Linux OS due to its versatility & out of box support for most protocols & peripherals. Another main reason to shift to Embedded Linux is the open source nature of the OS where clients find it very flexible to implement features for their product or choose a software stack as per requirements.

If you are investigating if Embedded Linux is the correct choice of Operating System for your product, then please reach out to us for further discussions.